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We are a small business that was founded to help other small businesses enjoy some of the services enjoyed by big businesses without requiring big business bank accounts. Gift Cards are a huge revenue stream to any business and handing out small pieces of paper that were hand made or run off an ink jet printer do not instill the confidence that a nice high quality gift card does in your customer. Provide that high quality presentation and aquire that revenue stream. We are here for you!


Generating revenue is at the forefront of most business owners minds. Finding ways to retain customers and get them to spend more money is the key to keeping the lights on. Learn more how you as a merchant can benefit from selling and using gift cards will benefit you! Learn More!


Integrate with our API and earn money from another revinue stream and your app. Whether you are creating a one of a kind app for use by you and your employees or you are creating the next great mobile buying experience, you need to begin by gearing your app to accept gift cards now. The API makes it lightning quick and will allow you to accept and process gift cards in just a few short moments. That is not where it ends though. You will earn residuals from all of the transaction that go through your app. Learn More!


Looking for a new residual imcome. Hate the idea of network marketing. Here is your chance to get in on a Billion dollar industry and earn from it. Once you sign-up a new merchant you will earn from them for as long as that business processes gift cards through our system. With our simplified pricing structures you will be able to begin producing residual income right away. Learn More!

Gift Cards

In 2016 Gift Cards will hit $10 Billion in sales. Is your business ready to be there to collect a piece of the pie!

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Customer Support is very important to us an we will do anything and everything we can to help you. We understand that you have made an active decision to be with us and we want to reward that loyalty by being there for you. We have multiple ways that you can get in touch with our support staff. Don't hesitate to reach out and touch us!

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3203 Hwy 21
Fort Mill, SC 29715, USA.
Call: 1-(704)-903-6995
Email: support@giftcardlive.com

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